Sharing is Caring: Conversations with FluterDude

FluterDude: Do you think Leonardo diCaprio is pretty cool, or kind of a douche?

FluterDale: It probably depends on your gender and height to weight ratio.

[quizzical look]

FluterDale: He's only dated Victoria's Secret models for the last decade.

FluterDude: [shrug] Maybe he misunderstood the concept of the catalog? » 7/04/14 1:18pm 7/04/14 1:18pm

Restaurant Job Addendum: Husband Version

I complained about work to FluterDude, and he spent about forty-five minutes trying to convince me we could afford for me to quit. (I need to sit down and do the math. He's not ... great with money, and even if he's right, I really did want to get further ahead with summer teaching. And now ... by any means necessary.) » 6/15/14 10:36pm 6/15/14 10:36pm

Restaurant Culture: Perhaps Stupid Questions

I started working at a restaurant last Friday.

I have a ton of customer service experience, but most of it was in retail. I'm not clear if restaurants and retail stores are wildly different, or if they're just wildly different from this particular restaurant.

For example: for the past two days, I have been training as… » 6/15/14 8:38pm 6/15/14 8:38pm

Additional FluterDale Fuckery: The Story of My Moving Violation

On Thursdays, I teach flute lessons in another town.

Somehow, despite knowing what time I need to leave to be there on time, I never do. And I technically have maybe too many students for the time blocks and commute. Time is important, so I drive a little too fast down a certain interstate.

Except that's ok, because… » 5/08/14 11:56pm 5/08/14 11:56pm