Sharing is Caring: On Tuesdays, We're Raging Racists

I have a great idea! Let's teach students about diversity by having them read one article about privilege in a gender/racial context, and then have them write an essay about what they learned. That won't result in mind-melting commentary or outright heinous thoughts. Nope. I'm sure everyone will read a twenty year old… » 4/01/14 12:53pm 4/01/14 12:53pm

Unsolicited Flute Update: Fleshing Out the Teaser/Trailer

For those of you who are genuinely interested in my comings and goings, I'm sorry about the teaser/trailer this morning. It's been a really long day and if I'd let it wait, I would have been too tired to be excited anymore, and I'd never have told anyone.

(My therapist says I always talk myself out of good things, too, … » 3/24/14 10:06pm 3/24/14 10:06pm

Social Convention: My Current Feelings in Big Bang Theory Gifs

We know some people through a place where you have to be nice to people, even if they're not necessarily your bag. I'm getting better at recognizing these things and doing the pantomime of what I'm supposed to do, although sometimes (especially around semester breaks) I get grumpy and I don't like it, and I say rude… » 3/17/14 10:06pm 3/17/14 10:06pm